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Adolescent Therapy



Even the brightest and best loved kids can run into difficulty during adolescence. Robbie has had unique experience treating teens, in in-patient, partial hospital and out-patient settings, and can draw on over 20 years of experience to guide teens and their families through this transitional and sometimes tumultuous stage of development. Robbie's techniques provide the flexibility to accommodate and collaborate with the teen, his or her family and school and anyone else involved with treatment. Robbie can provide therapy and pragmatic techniques to deal with these concerns:


• Mood issues Depression, anxiety, mood swings, irritability, anger.

• Behavioral issues Self harm, school refusal, poor academic performance or drop in grades, oppositional behavior, impulsive actions.

• Family issues Conflict with parents/siblings, coping with divorce, or adapting to a blended family.                           

• Social Issues Difficulty with friends and social situations; bullying or being bullied, romantic relationships.

• Identity issues Self esteem, insecurity, belonging. Concerns about the future, college, career. Body image concerns. LGBTQ and sexuality.

• Cognitive issues Difficulty in school, problems with focus, organization, attention.

• Trauma and loss Grief counseling, EMDR.

• Physical concerns Ongoing headaches or stomachaches, difficulty sleeping.


• Attention deficit disorder Help with ADD and ADHD behaviors.

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